About ICCS

The aim of the International Commission on Civil Status ("ICCS") is to facilitate international cooperation in civil-status matters and to further the exchange of information between civil registrars. To this end, it carries out any studies and work, in particular by drawing up recommendations or draft conventions, aimed at harmonizing the provisions in force in the member States on matters relating to the status and capacity of persons, to the family and to nationality and at improving the operation of civil-status departments in these States.

The ICCS also compiles and keeps up to date a documentation on legislation and case-law setting out the law of the member States on the aforesaid matters and provides, on the basis of that documentation, information to the authorities referred to in Article II of the Bern Protocol of 25 September 1950.

The ICCS-CIEC Data Exchange Platform and Infrastructure is to provide States with secure IT tools allowing them to implement international obligations undertaken on ratification of ICCS Conventions. The Platform is to end up as a real production system for the participating States, promoting highly secured cooperation between authorities and cross-border electronic exchange of civil-status data with standardised applications and documents. Giving authorities the possibility to issue and exchange civil-status data by electronic means will accelerate exchanges, facilitate procedures and free movement of citizens and prevent fraud.

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