Authoring Environment Training Material


Registrars: Convention 3 - Formula C
According to this scenario, a person born in Rome, Italy and dies in Brussels, Belgium. Therefore a respective automatic notification is sent from Brussels to Rome.
• Notification dispatch - Brussels video screenshots
• Notification receival - Rome video screenshots

Registrars: Convention 26 - Formula 4
This scenario concerns the dissolution of a marriage between a Turkish man and a French woman living in Strasbourg, France, a notification is being sent to Besiktas, Turkey because it is the place where the marriage was celebrated.
• Notification dispatch - Strasbourg video screenshots
• Notification receival - Besiktas video screenshots

Registrars: Convention 16 - Formula A
According to this scenario, a Polish person, born in Poland and naturalised French and living in Rome, Italy, needs an extract from his birth record, so a request is sent to the central service in Nantes from Rome in Italy for formula A of Convention 16.
• Request - Rome video screenshots
• Response - SCEC video screenshots
• Acknowledgement - Rome video screenshots

Country Managers: Create new office and user
This video is a tutorial for country managers to create a new registry office, a new civil registrar and associate him/her with this office. video

We strongly recommend using VLC as your video player.

User manual

The Authoring Environment user manual can be found here (EN) and here (FR). Online versions, can be found in the project's wiki.

Platform Requirements

  1. 1. Download and Install Java
    •     1.1 Go to this site []
    •     1.2 Download and install the latest version of JRE
      1.          1.2.1 Click on the Download button
      2.          1.2.2 Select 'Accept License Agreement'
      3.          1.2.3 Find your Operating System and click on the Download link right next to it.
      4.          1.2.4 After being downloaded, simply follow directions on how to install it
    •     1.3 Download and install Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 7
      1.          1.3.1 Click on the Download button
      2.          1.3.2 Select 'Accept License Agreement'
      3.          1.3.3 Click on the download link
      4.          1.3.4 Open the zipped file
      5.          1.3.5 Select the two Jar files
      6.   US_export_policy.jar
      7.   local_policy.jar
      8.          1.3.6 Place them in the directory <JRE_directory>/ib/security/, replacing the existing versions of those files
  2. 2. Install a proper browser
    •     2.1 Currently, only Firefox is full tested (version 3+)
    •     2.2 Chrome and Internet Explorer (version 7+) are on the way
  3. 3. Install your HSM middleware. Each Member-State is using specific HSM technology(-ies) and registrars should be familiar with the basic concepts and usage of it (them).
  4. 4. Plug-in your HSM (smart card or USB dongle) containing your personal certificate
  5. 5. Enter the Authoring Environment web application
    •         5.1 Go to the main CIEC Platform Site []
    •         5.2 Click on ICCS Platform -> Document Exchange
      1.         5.2.1 Or in French Plateform CIEC -> Application
  6. 6. Enter your HSM access PIN if not already prompted
  7. 7. When the initial page of Authoring Environment web application is shown, initialize the environment. This is done once in the beginning and each time there are office changes (office removals, merges, renames, etc). It is a safe procedure meaning that it can run many times without affecting the system.
  8.     7.1 Selecting Environment at the top left of your screen
  9.     7.2 At the poped-up context menu choose Initialize
  10.     7.3 Enter a new PIN for storing and accessing office certificates [expl. required]
  11.     7.4 Click on OK
    * Note that users need to memorize this PIN because it is requested during the PDF signing phase.
  12. 8. You're done!

More analytical information about the initialization procedure can be found in the project's wiki.

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